"Monster Allergy is a magical saga about a pasty-faced kid Zick who is allergic to many things including MONSTERS and has the ability to see them! And as luck would have it, his house is overflowing with these cute creatures! Zick befriends lively new neighbor Elena Potato and together they tell a tale of friendship, adventure, humor and thrills"
-Monster Allergy #1
Monster Allergy is a comic by Disney Italy. It was created by Katja Centomo, Francesco Artibani, Alessandro Barbucci and Barbara Canepa, written by Franscesco Artibani, Inked by Cristina Giorgilliand and Daniela Vetro, and colored by Pamela Brughera and Barbara Canepa.

Production History Edit

Monster Allergy was created for Disney Italy. Centomo and Artibani approached Barbucci and Canepa to collaborate in the creation of Monster Allergy.

Previously Artibani had worked on W.I.T.C.H. with Barbucci and Canepa. Barbucci and Canepa created W.I.T.C.H. but never obtained the copyright.This lead to a vicious court battle over creator's rights over the series with Disney. Disney was so determined to cover up the true creators of W.I.T.C.H. they had hired people to act as the creators of W.I.T.C.H. on tours. Needless to say Barbucci and Canepa lost the court case.[1]

Monster Allergy was spared this treatment as the creators bought the copyright before Disney could. Disney bought the rights and they were returned in 2007[2]

List of Comic Chapters Edit

Monster Allergy Edit

Chapter #1: The House of Monsters

Chapter #2: The Pyramid of Invulnerability

Chapter #3: The Mystery of Mister Magnacat

Chapter #4: The Suspended City

Chapter #5: The Stellar Tutor

Chapter #6: Here Comes Charlie Schuster

Chapter #7: Pickled Monsters

Chapter #8: The Keeper of the Lighthouse

Chapter #9: The Return of Zob

Chapter #10: Inside the Hollow Tree

Chapter #11: The Anguanas of Er

Chapter #12: The Other Tamer

Chapter #13: The Mask of Fire

Chapter #14: Together Again

Chapter #15: The Ancient Armory

Chapter #16: Stormy Weather

Chapter #17: The Last Anchor

Chapter #18: The Lost Monsters

Chapter #19: The Great Escape

Chapter #20: Mushrooms and Chestnuts

Chapter #21: A Trip to Kalamaludu-Si

Chapter #22: The Two Sisters

Chapter #23: The Form of the Shadow

Chapter #24: The Circus of Left

Chapter #25: The Invaders

Chapter #26: The Fall of the Barrymore House

Chapter #27: The Eye of Maggoth

Chapter #28: The Hundredth and First Door

Chapter #29: Only for Elena

Chapter #30: The Tamer Cemetery

Monster Allergy Evolution Edit

Chapter #31: Domulacrum

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